Project 2026

Our culture is dying, yet those appointed by God to bring light to the world – Christians – are ill-equipped, uninformed, and uninvolved.

The church is plagued by Biblical illiteracy, lack of prayer, lack of personal evangelism, and a deafening silence on key issues that define the type of future our children will face.

The body of Christ in America is fragmented and impotent. Christians are not "one" – far from it. Instead of a great, united, single-minded army of God's people, the church is made up of individual foot soldiers going their own way and doing their own thing.

Our influence has become so diluted that approximately 3 out 4 young adults raised in Christian homes leave the faith before they turn 25.

American democracy and culture hang in the balance, and the church must take action or face the dire and sinister reality of a Godless society.

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